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About Us

Welcome to the hub of innovative AI-powered growth strategies!

We are a fast-paced, forward-thinking company committed to revolutionizing online branding and business growth. We utilize the potential of Artificial Intelligence and powerful networking strategies to help businesses amplify their brand, reach wider audiences, and skyrocket their profits.

Our vision is not just to change the worlds of branding and marketing, but to redefine how businesses grow and scale. We believe that with the right tools, mentorship, and strategies, every real leader can become the #1 recognized expert in their niche.

Our Vision

Founded on the principle of enabling businesses to leverage the power of AI and connections, our mission is to propel businesses to the top of their industries. We believe in unlocking unprecedented opportunities for businesses and helping them discover the power of AI in marketing, so they can grow up to 15X faster!

Our Flagship Initiatives

Our AI Challenge and Super Connector Mastermind are instrumental in guiding businesses to success. We also host renowned such as the upcoming, Build Your Brand, where industry-leading strategies and techniques are shared.

Our Team

6491cf4515976d6a9c9bfff7-HeadshotPro (1).png

Chris Winfield

Co-Founder & CEO


Jen Gottlieb

Co-Founder & CMO


Amber Ybarra

Accountability Coach

#74 - Christian - HeadshotPro.png

Christian Santos

Video Editor

#0 - Danette Kubanda - HeadshotPro.png

Danette Kubanda

Visibility Coach

64928d0444a11b92467bbd6d-HeadshotPro (1).png

Diana Salvador

Member Support Specialist

1 - Ginger Gopez_6492668a44a11b92467b87cf-HeadshotPro.png

Ginger Gopez

Member Support Specialist

Headshot 1.png

Jenny Brown

Visibility Coach

Keith 2.png

Keith Fragata

Programs Manager

Ken (2).jpg

Ken Santos

Lead Graphic Designer


Kis Canlas

Member Support Specialist

Mary Guirovich.png

Mary Guirovich

Accountability Coach

Pres 4.png

Precilla Canlas

Member Support Specialist


Sara Reed

Director of Member Success


Embrace the Future of Business Growth

Are you eager to propel your brand to new heights? Harness the transformative power of our AI-driven strategies and innovative brand-building methods. Unleash the potential of your business, discover unimagined profits, and secure your position as the industry leader. Your ascent to the pinnacle of success begins with a single, decisive step. Are you ready to take it? Join us now and let's shape your future together. Embrace your journey to unprecedented growth and success – fill out the short form below to start today!

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