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  • Chris Winfield

OpenAI's Next Big Move: An AI Model Marketplace?

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Hey there, AI aficionados!

Big news in the AI industry: OpenAI, known for its advanced chatbots, is thinking about starting a new project and it’s pretty darn exciting!

They're looking into creating a marketplace where businesses can sell customized AI models to other companies. These models can be designed to meet a variety of needs, which could include anything from detecting online financial fraud to answering market-specific questions. According to the fine folks at The Information, this marketplace could be OpenAI’s version of Apple’s “App Store”.

Pretty cool, right?

Here's the Lowdown:

This marketplace will operate much like an app store, but for AI models. It could allow businesses to find and access the most advanced AI tools suited to their needs. It's not yet clear how OpenAI plans to profit from this marketplace. They might charge sellers a commission, charge a “listing fee”, sponsored listings or find other ways to generate revenue.

Facing the Competitors:

With this move, OpenAI is stepping onto a field already occupied by other tech giants like Salesforce and Microsoft, who also offer platforms for companies to sell AI services. But, OpenAI is hoping to expand their customer base and stay ahead of other competitors such as Anthropic and Cohere.

Who Mentioned this First?

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, talked about these plans during a meeting with developers in London last month. However, OpenAI hasn't confirmed anything officially.

Who Might Use this Marketplace?

One company that might sell on OpenAI's marketplace is Aquant. They've developed a chatbot, named Service Co-Pilot, that assists customers with device maintenance and repairs. Some of their customers include big names like HP, Canon, and Johnson & Johnson.

What About the Educational Sector?

Khan Academy, a non-profit education platform, has developed 'Khanmigo', a version of ChatGPT that acts like a personal tutor for teachers and students. They're considering making it available on app stores or as a web browser plugin.

What about Political Campaigns?

Companies running political campaigns could also really benefit. For instance, FiscalNote has trained a version of OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot that can write text messages and emails for political campaigns.

Has OpenAI Done Something Similar Before?

Yes, OpenAI has previously launched plugins for ChatGPT that allowed users to make reservations or buy products. However, these plugins weren't very popular. Altman said they “don’t have product-market fit,” the person present in the meeting said. This new idea of an AI marketplace could be the success they're aiming for.

So… What’s Next?

The idea of an AI marketplace, if executed and launched properly, will not only revolutionize the way AI is used and exchanged… but also unlock new possibilities for businesses and individuals.

With potential to bring a wide variety of AI models under one “roof”, it will allow users to harness the power of AI in a way that’s uniquely tailored to their specific needs and that is very exciting! While we wait for the official confirmation from OpenAI, one thing is clear: the future of AI is becoming more exciting and accessible. Let's keep our eyes on the horizon and see how this bold vision unfolds.

Stay connected for more enlightening updates from the ever-evolving AI landscape!

AI models—coming soon, probably maybe!

-Chris Winfield Founder, Understanding AI

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